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Also called boosters, amplifiers are not highly cost-competitive items as you may think. Buy
Teletronics if you want your amplifier to last for years in the field without the worry of replacement.


Teletronics' Exclusive Automatic Gain Control (AGC) Technology
Teletronics is the exclusive patent holder for AGC technology. AGC allows an amplifier to be effectively Plug-and-Play
by sensing the radio frequency (RF) input signal power and matching the power output level to it. The Patent on AGC
amplifiers, under the U.S. Pat No. 6,681,100, covers all bi-directional amplifiers in 900 MHz, 2.4GHz, and 5.8GHz.


Plug & Play Amplifiers

900 MHz
1 Watt | 5 Watt | 10 Watt | 20 Watt | 25 Watt

2.4 GHz
250 mW | 500 mW | 500 mW (Indoor) | 1 Watt | 1 Watt (Indoor)
5 Watt | 10 Watt | Full Duplex | 802.11g 250mW | 802.11g 500mW Outdoor
802.11g 500mW Indoor

4.9 GHz
Ultra High Isolation 4.9GHz OFDM 500mW
5.8 GHz
Full Duplex | 802.11a 250mW | 802.11a500mW
802.11a 1W | MSeries(M-58) Amp | 802.11a High-Isolation 0.5W


The use of all radio equipment is subject to radio regulations in each country.
It is the responsibility of the purchaser/installer/operator to insure that only
approved equipment/systems are deployed. For the ISM band (900MHz, 2.4GHz, 5.7GHz)
equipment manufactured, sold/or used in the USA, FCC Title 47, Part 15 governs
the sale, lease, use and manufacture of equipment (wireless LAN cards, wireless
Access points, amplifiers, etc.) and prohibits the same unless such equipment is
used in the FCC-certified system configuration with which such equipment is authorized.

For information on Teletronics' FCC certified systems,
please visit FCC Details.

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Product Note: The Amplifiers listed on this page may also be referred to as: 2.4GHz amplifier, 2.4GHz amp, 2.4 amplifier, 2.4GHz signal booster, 802.11 amplifier, 802.11b amplifier, 802.11g amplifier, 802.11b/g amplifier, 802.11 signal booster, 802.11b signal booster, 802.11g signal booster, 802.11b/g signal booster, 4.9GHz – 5.3GHz – 5.7GHz – 5.8GHz amplifier, 4.9GHz – 5.3GHz – 5.7GHz – 5.8GHz amp, 4.9GHz – 5.3GHz – 5.7GHz – 5.8GHz amplifier, 4.9GHz – 5.3GHz – 5.7GHz – 5.8GHz signal booster, 802.11 amplifier, 802.11a amplifier, 802.11h amplifier, 802.11a – 802.11h – 802.11j amplifier, 802.11 signal booster, 802.11a signal booster, 802.11j signal booster, 802.11a – 802.11h – 802.11j signal booster, 900MHz amplifier, 900MHz amp, 900 amplifier, 900MHz signal booster, ISM amplifier, ISM signal booster, antenna booster, AGC amplifier, antenna amplifier, Bi-directional amplifier, bidirectional amplifier, hotspot amplifier, integrated amplifier, PoE amplifier, RF amplifier, RF power amplifier, RF signal amplifier, video amplifier, wifi amplifier, wi-fi ® amplifier, wireless amplifier, wireless LAN amplifier, and wlan amplifier.




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