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Teletronics provides DSLAM to customers as a part of its broadband solution. EZPlex ADSL DSLAM | ADSL CPE | EZCubo Wireless CPE








EZCubo Wireless ADSL CPE



The EzPlex IPAC-16 DSLAM is the best cost-effective solution designed for ISP to provide broadband services for multiple subscribers. It offers a cost effective modular IP-based platform that supports full rate or G.Lite ADSL access. It also offers a perfect solution for both central office co-location and the MTU/MDU markets. The latest technologies and low cost Layer 2 IP concentration have been integrated into the system. While cost per DSL port is kept to a minimum, the flexibility of DSL technologies means that one platform can be deployed to provide a wide range of bandwidths and services.

The IPAC-16 compact and modular design makes it perfect for start-up applications or for space limited co-location and MTU basement installations. A wide range of management options - Telnet, SNMP, Web Based GUI and EMS - provides the user with a choice of platforms for comprehensive monitoring and management of their networks.

The IPAC-16 is made up of a Controller and 2 DSL modules. Current options include a modular ADSL unit with two slots. Each slot module can support up to 8 ADSL ports with built-in POTS splitters so that it can provide broadband data service over existing copper wires without affecting the conventional voice service. The Controller Unit is equipped with a 10/100BaseT Fast Ethernet Uplink module. User can use local RS-232 CID and/or remote TELNET/SNMP to manage the IPAC-16(s) directly.

For added expansion head room the IPAC-16 can be stacked up to 7 units through the
use of the EzPlex Switch IPAC-S7.


1. IP Based DSLAM - Controller Unit plus
DSL Modules

8. Compact design - The IPAC-16 occupies 1.5 U of standard Telco rack space. Its compactness is perfect for collocation and basement installation. With the built-in POTS splitters, service providers even no need to allocate extra space for POTS splitter shelves.

2. Layer 2 Connection

9. Supports mapping of Ethernet - VLAN to ATM-PVC

3. Uplink options - 10/100BaseT Electrical, 100BaseFX SIngle mode or Multimode fiber

10. SNMP, Telnet and Web-based GUI Management Options

4. 16 ports of ADSL expandable to 112 ports with the optional EZPlex Switch

11. Future Support of VDSL

5. Full Rate or G.Lite ADSL Support - 8Mbps Downstream, 1Mbps Upstream.

12. The IPAC-16 supports mapping of Ethernet-VLAN to ATM-PVC feature for security concern.

6. Ideal for ISPs supporting broadband ADSL on a single low cost IP based platform

13. For the area of less than 16 subscribers, network designer can use IPAM-1600s to provide service directly.

7. Easily scalable - simply add extra modules


G.992.1 - G.DMT

IEEE 802.3 -10BaseT

IEEE 803.3u - 100BaseTX/100BaseFX

IEEE 802.3x - 10BaseT/100BaseTX Full Duplex

IEEE 802.1q -vLAN Tagging


16 ports ADSL

ADSL module: 2 module, each support 8 ADSL links with build in splitter

Rear: Telco-50 pin centronic connector for line POTS.

Front: RJ-45, uplink to EzPlex Switch IPAC-S7

Power Characteristics

Power Supply-42V to 56V DC or 90V to 240V AC

Power Consumption - 70W Max (Fully loaded system)

Environmental Characteristics

Temp - 0° to +50°C

Humidity - Max.90% non-condensing

Physical Characteristics

Depth - 300mm

Width - 429mm

Height - 66mm

Application Scenario - Single Unit Diagram

Application Scenario - Multi-Unit Diagram

EZPlex Switch

The EzPlex Switch IPAC-S7 is a 1U box that is designed to add scalability to the EzPlex IPDSLAM. It is ideally suited for ISPs to implement bandwidth management for a high number of subscribers with minimal usage of space. With the Switch ISPs can provide both ADSL and G.SHDSL services to their residential and business subscribers simultaneously.



Downlink: 10/100 BaseT Ethernet

Uplink: 10/100 BaseT UTP Ethernet

Single-mode 100 BaseT FX, SC connectable

Multi-mode 100 BaseT FX, SC connectable


Software upgraded by TFTP

System configuration backup/restore by TFTP

Default configuration restore


Support 3 levels of user’s priviledge (Administrator/User/Guest)

IP-filtering for management UI (Secured hosts for Telnet/Web-based GUI/TFTP/SNMP) VLAN-filtering for Uplink

System auto-logout


Operating Temperature (Operating) 0C -+ 50C; (Storage)
-30C -+ 70C

Humidity (Non-Condensing) 0-90%; (Operating) 0-95%

Physical Condition

Dimension: 429mm (W) X 180mm (D) X 44mm (H)

Weight: 4lb

Fit in 19 inch racks



RFC 2662 ADSL line MIB

RFC 3276 GSHDSL line MIB


Local Console (CLI)

Web Configuration (GUI)


Support SNMP v1&v2

Fault, Performance, Configuration and security management

System Event Log

Subscriber information Management


Supply Voltage / Current: 42V - 56V DC or 90V – 240V AC,
50-60 Hz

Consumption: 10 watts max



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